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The Physician’s Guide is a joint project between The Patient’s Guide® and aesthetic industry partners designed to facilitate collaboration between scientific innovators, industry and the aesthetic medical community. Our goal is to achieve ever higher standards of care and better patient outcomes. We will endeavor to provide the aesthetic physician community educational resources on various products, services and devices to aide in their research and bring better awareness to issues in our field.

About The Patient’s Guide®
The Patient’s Guide aides consumers in making educated decisions about their aesthetic treatment. Our team consists of leading physicians in the fields of laser and dermatology whose innovations include breakthroughs for hair reduction, skin rejuvenation, fat reduction and cellulite reduction. Each month over one million visitors use The Patient’s Guide, a family of 25 web publications dedicated to specific conditions and treatments. Visit

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This website was developed and maintained by the efforts of The Patient’s Guide Team as well as funding through unrestricted grants from the following industry partners: