Laser Manufacturers

The Truth About Laser Manufacturers

While some agents may try to deceive you into thinking that the manufacturers of aesthetic medical lasers are greedily trying to force you to pay exorbitant fees for every little thing, simple common sense can easily dispel that notion—and give you guidelines on choosing a manufacturer you can trust.

Four Reasons to Trust the Laser Manufacturer

Oversight & Accountability

  • Count on it: Manufacturers of aesthetic lasers must answer not only to market forces, but to regulatory agencies such as the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States and others throughout the world. If you buy used from someone other than a manufacturer or agent authorized by the manufacturer, you cannot be sure what sort of oversight the seller has been held accountable to.


  • Stand on it: Nobody can match the manufacturer‘s experience, expertise, body of knowledge, access to related science, or understanding when it comes to their laser device. What’s more, these companies tend to know and understand the challenges you face as you grow your practice. Grey –Market equipment sellers may try to fool you into thinking they know “enough,” but how much is enough? Is it “enough” to gamble your reputation or business on?


  • Bank on it: It is in the best interests of the manufacturer to make sure their devices work as expected, to continually maintain and upgrade them, and to respond when there’s a problem. People trust reputable companies with a proven track record, and trust is priceless. Don’t you want the confidence that comes with that trust?


  • Rely on it: Companies are run by people, and for the most part, people care about the wellbeing of others. Although it costs a lot of money and time, companies and the people within them don’t want it on their conscience that the device they’re selling hurt somebody physically, emotionally, financially, or in any other way. Don’t you care about your patients? Your laser manufacturer does—their survival depends on it.

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