The Buying Decision

Basic Factors to Consider for New or Used Lasers

Whether considering a new or used laser, the aesthetic practitioner must weigh the same basic factors. These can be separated into a few categories; each with its own ethical and practical considerations.


  • Is the therapy supported by a solid body of scientific evidence?
  • Do you truly understand the concepts behind the therapy, from the most basic to an adequately advanced level? If not, how will you acquire this information?
  • For what indications is the device cleared by regulatory organizations, and what is the potential for expansion of those in the future?


  • Does a device offer you a true, viable treatment option that’s safe and effective?
  • Do you want, or can you realistically expect to perform (or have employees perform) this therapy?
  • Are patients in your geographic location interested in this therapy?
  • Who would be a valid candidate for therapy?
  • Do you trust the company you buy from to support the device adequately and help you maintain it for the life of the device?


  • Does the manufacturer’s reputation and track record give you confidence in the laser and associated indications?
  • What is the actual total cost of the laser (including maintenance, disposables, training, etc.) over a period of several years?
  • Considering the total cost, what is your projected return on investment (ROI) over that time?
  • How many patients will it take in a given time period, regularly, to allow you to profitably offer this therapy?
  • How long will it take the seller (hopefully the device manufacturer) to come to your aid when a device goes down?
  • What kind of warranty coverage does the device have, and what exactly is covered by the warranty?

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