Product Background and Support

Manufacturer Guarantees Service History and Support

A reputable manufacturer should be able to provide you and your buyer with:

  • A detailed service history. You may have something on hand, and your device manufacturer should as well. This is essential information for a discerning, careful buyer and promotes your trustworthiness. Go to: for a report on the service history of any Candela laser.
  • The best available warranty. Who else but the manufacturer can make the most realistic guarantees about the product?
  • The highest qualified service and support personnel. Again, the manufacturer has the best and most reliable information and the technicians to use it wisely.
  • Parts you can trust. Who really knows where those parts came from, let alone what will happen if they are substandard?
  • Most importantly, upgrades and routine maintenance you can rely on. The manufacturer is your best connection for disposables, ancillary products, upgrades, and reliable regular maintenance for their devices.

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