Taking Yourself Out of the Equation

Certified Pre-Owned means Freedom to Focus on your Practice

If you’re looking to upgrade, going to the manufacturer for a trade-in is a no-brainer. They’ll do everything for you. You can relax and get on with your practice! But what if you’re just looking to sell?

Coined by the automobile industry, the phrase “certified pre-owned” (CPO) fits perfectly when you are talking about another complex piece of machinery where you need to be sure you can trust it. The laser device was owned by you first, and its maker cared enough to make sure it works like new for your buyer as well.

If the manufacturer thinks a laser cannot be salvaged, they’ll make sure it doesn’t end up on the street. If it still has life left in it, they’ll inspect and refurbish it thoroughly, and offer it at a reduced cost compared to that of a brand new laser, along with all the peripherals necessary for its successful operation. They’ll back the device because their reputation depends on it, and they’ll have confidence in you, because you cared enough to include them in an important process that’s vital to them, the industry, your practice, your buyer, and especially your buyer’s patients. The manufacturer definitely wants to work with you!

And realistically, if you’re like most doctors, you don’t have time to micromanage your business to the point of becoming an equipment dealer. In fact, you pay others to help you. This is seen by most people as a necessary cost of doing business. The same concept applies to selling your quality used laser device back to the manufacturer. So take yourself out of the equation entirely! Although you may get less money for your trouble, you will get something valuable in return: Freedom.

Freedom from:

  • Worry. Simply put, when the manufacturer takes your device, it’s their problem, not yours.
  • Liability. You won’t have any.
  • Preparing a device for sale. There will be nothing you have to do. A reputable manufacturer will not only thoroughly inspect, refurbish, and re-certify a device, they’ll make sure the buyer has everything they need to use it properly from the get-go.
  • Finding a buyer. Why go through the trouble of checking out buyers and haggling for the best price?
  • Selling your device. This is a simple statement for what can be a complicated process that involves a lot of work and patience on your part if you want top dollar.
  • Taking care of the buyer after purchase. If you sell a laser device yourself, you may open yourself to regular queries about the device, its operation, and so on. The manufacturer is the best source for that information, and if the buyer got the device from them, you’re out of the picture.

While you may be tempted to go through all the work yourself to maximize your final dollar value for a used device, isn’t it easier to just let the manufacturer handle it? If you want to maximize your total value, talk to the manufacturer.

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