Accent 980 Alma Lasers

Accent 980 Diode Laser System

Still being manufactured: Yes

Manufacturer: Alma Lasers

Description: The Accent 980 diode laser is the perfect wavelength for effective, minimally invasive laser-assisted lipolysis. Energy and heat are transmitted through an optical fiber and delivered to the subcutaneous fat for ease of removal and simultaneous collagen stimulation.

  • 980nm diode laser with up to 12 Watts of power
  • Procedure can be done under local anesthetic for increased safety and greater patient appeal
  • Stimulation of targeted collagen for improved skin laxity
  • Faster and less traumatic aspiration process than conventional lipo
  • Less bruising and faster recovery than conventional lipo
  • Compact carrying case with impressive portability
  • Low cost of ownership with fast ROI

Conditions Treated:

  • Laser-assisted Lipolysis

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