Still being manufactured: Yes

Manufacturer: Medi-Khan. Adivive Fat Processing Units (FPUs) are sold by Palomar

Description: Adivive is an all-in-one, integrated fat transfer system that uses a unique filtering mechanism and high G-force centrifugation to yield a higher quality of adipose tissue for re-injection. The result is higher graft volume survival and more predictable outcomes without the need to overfill as with traditional fat transfer techniques.

The Adivive system simplifies the amount of equipment needed and streamlines each process of the procedure from infiltration all the way through the actual transfer. Additionally, Adivive allows the use of your own preferred cannulas if you choose and transfer of tissue to standard syringes for smaller area injection, via special adapters that are available for use with the Adivive system.

  • All-in-one system for infiltration, harvesting, centrifugation, and fat transfer/re-injections
  • Closed-circuit system, providing aseptic procedures that reduce the risk of contamination
  • Exclusive weighted-mesh piston filtering system that improves the separation of fluids such as blood, infiltration fluids, and free oils
  • Offers high G-force/RPM centrifugation that yields highly concentrated adipose tissue for injection

Conditions Treated:

  • Fat transfer

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