SmoothShapes XV

SmoothShapes XV Non-invasive Cellulite and Body Shaping Workstation

Still being manufactured: Yes

Manufacturer: Cynosure

Description: The SmoothShapes XV device uses the Cynosure’s proprietary Photomology® platform: a process that treats cellulite by combining 915 continuous wave diode laser and 650 LED energy along with mechanical manipulation (vacuum and massage). SmoothShapes XV addresses the underlying causes and physical manifestations of cellulite by treating enlarged fat cells and brittle or inflexible fibre septae, providing results that patients can see and feel. Now the NEW SmoothShapes® Petite handpiece delivers results for petite patients even more treatment areas like knees, arms and calves.

The Laser Powered Cellulite and Body Shaping Solution

  • Consistent & reliable tissue temperature elevation
  • Portable, sleek console design
  • SmoothSpeedTM – Audible & visual treatment guidance
  • One-setting treatments – Simple and easy to operate
  • Interactive training screen

Conditions Treated:

  • Cellulite

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