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Thermage – Radio Frequency

Still being manufactured: Yes

Manufacturer: Solta

Description:Thermage by Solta Medical utilizes unique, focused radiofrequency energy to activate the body’s own natural regeneration process effectively tightening and contouring loose and sagging skin on both the face and body. The system applies heat deep into layers of the skin while alternately cooling the tissue to protect it during the procedure; allowing for little to no recovery time or follow up care. Thermage is the only non-invasive procedure that can tighten and contour the skin in just a single treatment.

Area Addressed:

  • Eyes – upper and lower eyelids to reduce hooding and fine lines, as well as lifting the brow line
  • Face – fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing loose and sagging skin and defining the jaw line
  • Body – smoothing texture and bulges and tightening loose, sagging skin

Additional Details:Thermage originally received aesthetic clearance in 2002 and is the first and only FDA approved device cleared for non-invasive treatment on the eyelids. It has been performed over 1 million times by over 2500 physicians in over 80 countries around the world and has the longest history of safe and effective radiofrequency treatment for skin tightening and contouring

What Can Patients Expect?

  • Thermage treatments usually last anywhere from 45 minutes for the eyes or face to 90 minutes for larger parts of the body
  • Results can be seen immediately with more pronounced results gradually appearing as the body forms new, tighter, stronger collagen
  • One treatment is all that is needed to see noticeable, lasting results
  • Moderate discomfort reported; this can be addressed with the latest Thermage CPT technology adding a gentle vibration sensation with interspersed cooling bursts
  • Non-invasive with little to no recovery time
  • No special follow-up care

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