Reputation and Liability

What is it all worth?

Do you want to be the one who sold a device that ended up putting the buyer into a bad spot because of hidden costs? Or worse, do you want to be even slightly involved if a laser device you previously owned is involved in a patient injury?

Safe for the Buyer and the Buyer’s Patients

Regardless of your legal responsibilities, you owe it to your buyer to provide them with a quality product they can trust that is safe and effective for their patients. Can you really do that on your own?

Attractive to the Buyer

If you’re selling your aesthetic laser device, you want to make it an attractive value proposition for the buyer. To do that, let’s examine things from the buyer’s perspective. What would make your used laser appealing to prospective buyers?

The Buyers Themselves

Who exactly is buying your laser? Hopefully it’s a reputable party who is legally licensed to operate the system and will use it responsibly. One can never truly tell, but there are ways to help you be sure that the person you’re selling to is on the level. What should you do? Background checks?

What YOU Can Do

Nobody is as qualified to help you get the most out of your laser as the original manufacturer, whether you’re selling, buying, or just using an aesthetic laser to provide valuable and sought-after therapies to your patient base.

If you go through a non-manufacturer service or parts source, for example, how confident can you be in what you’re getting?

Here’s the price list of a well-known aesthetic laser manufacturer compared to that of an independent parts provider. Keep in mind that manufacturers generally supply brand new parts, while independent, unauthorized dealers have no access to new parts and are forced to provide used parts.

While there’s no basis for the claim that an independent provider’s parts are of poor quality or not worth what they’re priced, you need to ask yourself whether the used parts they provide will meet the same exacting standards that you should expect from a manufacturer.

There are resources available to you that will help you and your buyer maximize the total value of your transaction. The trick is simple: Go to the source.

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