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If you’re thinking about entering the marketplace for used medical aesthetic lasers, you’re not alone. But before moving forward, The Physician’s Guide encourages you to take time and consider all of the responsibilities that follow the initial transaction. The purchase or sale of a used medical aesthetic laser can have wide-ranging implications for the safety and satisfaction of your patients, the success of your practice and ultimately, you personally. was developed as a resource to present important questions and provide valuable information to help you make informed and confident decisions about used medical aesthetic lasers. For over 40 years, Candela now Syneron has established its position as a global leader by building successful relationships with physicians and patients based on Trust, Value and Integrity. This means manufacturing clinically proven, reliable and safe technology backed by impeccable service, however our commitment extends beyond the original purchase.

Today, this website represents our continued loyalty to our customers and patients, the ongoing quality of the Candela brand and our dedication to elevating the medical aesthetics industry as a whole.

Questions to Ask

If you are selling or buying or bought and considering another.

  1. When did you purchase your used laser or how old is the laser you are thinking about buying?
  2. Does the laser have a warranty (pre-existing)?
  3. Was the laser refurbished or reconditioned? If so, was proper paperwork provided outlining the details of the refurbishment or reconditioning?
  4. Has the laser failed and required service? If so, was the laser’s warranty honored. Who performed the repair?
  5. What issues came up after the transaction and how did the used laser dealer work to resolve them?
  6. What kind of training is/was provided? Did the trainer possess expertise in the specific laser or only general knowledge about lasers?
  7. What kind of clinical support has been provided since the installation?

Buying a Used Medical Aesthetic Laser?

Understand the Implications for Your Patients, Your Practice, and Yourself.

Whether considering a new or used laser, the aesthetic practitioner must weigh the same basic ethical and practical considerations that abound within each option. You owe it to yourself to explore common issues regarding performance, warranties, maintenance, liability and more.

  • Performance
  • Maintenance
  • Training
  • Liability
  • Year of laser
  • Service issues
  • Warranty

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